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Monday, May 11, 2009

A little bit of background

What is in a blog? Blah blah and more blah!!

Well since I am full of Blah I thought I would get in on the world of blogging and tell the world a little about me and my life......

This is my very first attempt at blogging so please excuse me if it's a bit boring to start off with... I hope to improve as I go along!

A bit about me... My name is Bernadette (Berny for short) I'm 30 (something!) I moved to Dublin, Ireland nearly 5 years ago, from a small town in Scotland called Johnstone, I have a lovely husband and a crazy child Kirsty she is 3 and completely mental!! I love hearing her crazy stories and sometimes absolute fabrications of the truth! She's a shining light who I hope we can nurture into a wonderful rounded young lady without too many trauma's along the way.

A bit about home..... Often I miss home, I miss my family, my sisters and nieces and nephews, my cousins who are like sisters to me, but we are never further than a phonecall away, and trust me BT Ireland LOVE ME!!!

This blog is about me, but it's also about my passion for beads and beading, I started beading just before I was married in 2007. It started with making my own jewellery and tiara's for my wedding and has grown from there. I have fallen in love with making and creating.... it will never be a full time income, but it's something I enjoy.... recently I have started to create my own polymer clay beads. I'd love to call myself a polymer clay artist one day...... maybe sometime in the future! It's strange how something so simple as creating can soothe the soul. I've always known I was artistic, but never really found an outlet for my creativity before, I used to paint, but where do you find inspiration in a city?

Over the following months (hopefully years!) I plan to update my blog with all my craft bits and maybe even a few funny stories about my life and motherhood in a foriegn land!

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment me!

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