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Monday, October 5, 2009

Late night beading!!

It seems to be a bit of a that with me now, I never seem to have some early day beading.

Reading about other's beading adventures really makes me jealous when I read about them beading in the garden, or beading on holiday, or even simply taking a photo of their fabulous piece when there is daylight to be had!

The fact that beading is not my full time income means that I have to bead when I have the time, unfortunately for me that generally means late in the evening, after I have made the evening meal, sorted my daughter and my own clothes for the next day (hubby usually doesn't mind as long as the clothes are tumble dried as he works in manufacturing) sorted dinners and lunches for the following day, life is generally a bit hurried, so beading time is precious!

Recently I have been mad about the colour purple (no not the whoopi goldberg film!!) but just that fabulous lucious deep purple colour, I bought an outfit to go with some beads I had bought recently, I know it's supposed to be the other way around, but the purple was just so lush I couldn't resist clothing myself around it!!! lol!!

The first set is necklace and bracelet set, made with 10mm Swarovski bicone's, goldstone in a purple colour (or so I am led to believe) and glass in a gorgeous deep purple colour.

Second pic is of a beautiful cabochon, which I bezzeled with netting stitch. After capturing the cabochon (nope i didn't chase it down the street, it came of it's own free will) I embellished it using czech glass, 6mm amethyst rounds and lovely czech glass flowers, not to mention the mandatory ab swarovski's for effect. The bail has added crystals. To finish this piece I made a herringbone (ndbele) stitch necklace. So proud of this piece I was thinking of sending it in as a project to bead magazine. If you have any feed back I would be appreciative of it!

Happy viewing!

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