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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I've been having great fun with my fimo creating these little characters.

I made these one's over the last week or so. 

The whole cake topper thing is new to me, but I love the idea of creating little people with a resemblance to the recipients. 

This little bride is very cute, I'm quite happy with how she turned out, but really unhappy with the way the groom has turned out, I don't know what it is about the soft clay (I can only seem to source the soft fimo here in Ireland) but the black clay is awful, I honestly can't see any use for the soft black clay at all?  It's very unmanageable, I can only describe it as trying to model with chewing gum. 

So I'd say this little bride will be divorcing her current husband (maybe I'll make a divorce party topper next!! lol!!) and finding herself a dashing new husband, as soon as my new clay arrives from craftcellar, I've ordered the big blocks this time, so that I hopefully don't run out as quickly.....  it's my first time using this company, I have to say that so far the customer service has been excellent, I placed the order on Friday and they rang my husband the next day (unfortunately I hadn't told him I'd used his card to make the order!! so he was a little bemused at first),  to explain that they were out of the white but would send on the order and forward the white as soon as it came into stock.  So faultless so far...... I await my package! 

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