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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Communion tiara's

Over the last few evenings I have been working on a couple of tiara's. My niece is making her first holy communion in May and I want to make a couple of designs to go with her dress.  Although these are supposed to be children's head bands I really think that they would still be suitable for the more slightly built bride!

The dress she is wearing is asymetrical, it comes up in a ruffle at one side, so I wanted to try to balance this by creating a design that is asymetrical to the opposite side. So far I have created two designs with this in mind, but I will probably work on a couple more over the next couple of days (got a few holidays this week!) as I'm not entirely sure that this "balancing" will work with the dress.

She's a character my wee neice, like my own wee one, they could almost be sisters, they look so alike!

So here's a look at the pic's of the latest creations!

The first tiara is made using Lucite flowers, swarovski crystals and pearls. On a solid tiara band, I have woven the crystals pearls and lucite and added ab coated czech glass leaves, it's quite a romantic design, probably more suitable for a bridal party, but sure you never know!


The second tiara is very simple in design, a star shaped flower made with czech glass ab coated drops, 4mm swarovski crystals create the "buds", 4mm swarovski pears adorn the band.

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