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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Business ideas!

Beading, I had never heard of such a thing in the year 2000, I worried about millenium bugs and that the world would collapse due to no computers knowing what year it is!!! 10 years since the year 2000, what direction did you think your life would lead you in? I thought I was going to be a karaoke star, or maybe a media mogul!!  None of those things have happened since the year 2000, I worked in the karaoke industry for a few years, but haven't even sung since I lived in Scotland (except the odd outburst in the car), media mogul, I barely even read the papers now!?!?!?!

WHY???? I very loudly ask myself????

Well the reason is quite simple, I am obsessed with beads, beading, polymer clay, infact anything remotely related to beads....

I spend hours browsing beads online, browsing forums and blogs online shops for supplies and inspiration, my husband will ask me "what u doing" and I will look at him with "those eyes" his reply "oh that's the beading eyes again".

The result of this obsession is that I have lots of ideas, but very little actual beading time!!!  Having a four year old it's difficult to bead before 8.30 pm when she goes to bed.

I'd love to be a full time beader, but sure I'll never be able to make a full time income from it.... although that never stopped me from spending DAYS trawling the internet for my latest beading idea!!

I want a MOBILE library or a van to convert into something like a mobile library, I have an idea I want to create a mobile bead/craft shop, where I can teach beading techniques in a portable studio.... I think it would be ideal for parties etc, I can also sell wares at markets etc in it!!

I must be mad! But I have been thinking about this for ages and I really want to do it!

Pity is I have no money  to do such an idea!

Aww I can always dream!

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