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Monday, April 12, 2010

Polymer clay Wedding cake toppers

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What's been keeping me occupied this week?  I've always admired the craft of modelling, I especially love the cute little figures  I've seen online for weddings and cake toppers.  I decided to have a go at one for myself. 

I needed a bit more information before I got started, so I was googling tutorials to make these for quite a while and had drawn a blank.  I came across the site of an extremely talented German lady called Betty (well at least I think that's her name), Betty works not only in polymer clay but in sugarcraft, you should see her frog prince cake!! Wow!! It really is something, so cute, I only took my daughter to see the new Disney frog prince movie recently and loved it... so I absolutely adore Betty's frog prince. 

Anyhoo Betty has a brilliant tutorial for making bride and groom wedding cake toppers for sale on her site, so after buying it I had a go. 

I wasn't really too fussed that the white got a bit dirty, as I really only wanted to see if I could follow the tutorial.  My biggest problem was my fimo... the black was like chewing gum to work with, I'd normally use fimo classic, but could only get soft of late and I hadn't ever used the soft black.... I opened two packs as I thought one might have been an old one the shop had. As a result the groom is not really how I had anticipated.  But I am quite pleased with the result.  I added earrings to my bride and a tiny tiara made from seed beads and wire.

The tutorial was easy to follow, and very few tools were required, so it's ideal for beginners with no real outlay other than the polymer clay itself.  I used the tube that my seed beads come in to shape the mouth.

If you want to see any of the fabulous work of the talented crafter Betty you can see it here the website is in German, but click on google translate to view it in English.

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