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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding cake toppers continued!!

Since my last post, I have shown my wedding cake toppers to one person outside of my family, a lady  I work with, one of her family members is getting married this year.  She had recently seen a programme on Irish station RTE about a lady down the country who made similar items, she really liked her toppers (I had no idea that the girl was to be married this year.)  Anyway when I showed my work colleague the pictures on my mobile of my first ever cake toppers she immediately got me to forward it on to the girl. 

Anyway as a result I have 2 orders for cake toppers, one for the wedding and another for the lady's friends 40th!! I am delighted, I have made most of the 40th topper tonight and will get to work with the other one when I recieve a picture of the dress and of the groom!

I am over the moon with this, absolutely delighted... I loved making the figures and plan to put my own stamp on them for my orders.... wish me luck.


  1. Hello Berny,

    really like your blog and especially your wedding cakes toppers, im plan to review your work via !!

  2. Hi

    Thanks a million for your lovely comment.. I had a look at the site it's fabulous... very nice content.. I look forward to your review...