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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beaded bead

Pink Candy, my newest is my newest creation, I've not done so much beading recently, since I am working a lot of 12 hour shifts of late, (damn those bills!!!)

You might recognise the focal bead, I made it quite some time ago, following a tutorial from Liz Reed at the Crimson Moon, I loved the tutorial, but just wasn't sure how to use the beads I had covered so painstakingly.  After making these candy floss beads (they remind me of candy floss) from fimo, I immediately thought that the beaded bead complimented them, so I teamed them with some lilac irradescent size 8's and some wire beads and this is the result.... I'd like to make a bracelet to go with it, but that would mean making a smaller beaded bead and I really just don't have the time.  Maybe a pair of earrings will do the trick!


  1. hey... found a link to your page in did anything come of that "Beading Group"? I'm in Dublin south and I'm the only person I know who beads... would be nice to meet other beaders for tips and exchange ideas..

  2. Hey

    No nothing ever came of it, like u I'm the only person I know who beads....

    I would love to start the group, if ur still interested let me know, (your profile has nothing attached to it.) You can contact me via this or Happybeadday at facebook.