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Monday, June 7, 2010

Washout weekend... typical!

What a washout of a weekend.... I had three days off work..... and guess what it has rained for 2 of them so far! After such a beautiful couple of weeks, it's just typical of my luck that it has been miserable since I have been off.....

But  I won't let that phase me!

We went to Dundalk Craft and food fair today (north of Dublin, near the border of Northern Ireland)  it was a nice day out, almost 40 min's from where we live, but I wanted to see how others were displaying their crafts, as yet I have never done a craft fair so  I was interested to see how they run.  We spent most of the money, actually make that ALL of the money we spent was on my 4 year old daughter.  She got her face painted and she painted a model, she got a beautiful felted hairband from a girl from Latvia... photo will follow.... her web address is here

I haven't been to that many craft fairs before, but I definately got some ideas of what not to do.... I would have bought from a lady who sold some beautiful jewellery, but when she asked me where I "bought" the necklace I was wearing I told her I made it myself she was like a rat up a drain pipe... she had some beads in her pieces I had never seen before, and  they were very wearable, had she not run away from me as if I had a bad smell I would have bought from her.......  very poor selling skills....  i've often bought jewellery from fellow crafters online so I was always going to be a customer! But her reaction to me being a fellow jewellery maker put me off.

I was a bit intimidated by the work that others have put into their stalls and crafts....  I always think that mine is just "not good enough!"

Thought I'd show you my little un wi her face painted from a lady called Jo-Anne from Erin Crafts lovely lady and my daughter ACTUALLY listened to someone which is a first!!

It was indeed a nice day even tho it rained!

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