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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beaders Color Palette Margie Deeb

Colour..... hmmm..... I'm always a bit of a "black girl" mainly due to my figure, I tend to stick to muted colours for my own outfits... but I want to actually sell the pieces I make, so black isn't really an ideal selling colour.

A while ago I bought The Beaders Color Pallette by Margie Deeb as I felt that colour was a bit of an issue with me, I wasn't sure how to use it to the best effect....

I hadn't had time to actually look at it properly, but recently I had a bit of "me" time and decided to take a deeper look into the book. 

The book begins by explaining how to read the colour pallete, which was invaluable for me, Margie refrences the Delicia bead by number which she has chosen to correspond with the palette, whilst engaging you to choose your own accent beads in whichever material you feel fits in with the palette.

There are some fabulous projects to complete, although I still have to actually make any of them, they are inspirational in themselves as the use of colour and texture has changed my creative thinking process.  I was particularly inspired by "This Gorgeous Planet" section I love the colours in the "Celestial Combinations" section, full of beautiful pinks, purples and heather colours.

Near the end of the book there is also basic information on stitches and basic techniques.

You can see more about Margie Deeb Here

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